Expectations & Conduct

Roller Derby can be a hard-hitting sport, but safety, courtesy and respect rule the day. We have firm expectations for our skaters and our parents, with the goal of making TCKRD the best experience possible for all.


Our goal for TCJRD is for all skaters to develop character, confidence, leadership and social interaction in girls and boys through the sport of Roller Derby. TCJRD intends to nurture and develop both skilled athletes and those who have not yet realized the champion inside them. We want the kids to have fun, be safe and participate. In order for that to happen, we have the following expectations of our kids and parents.

  1. Parents will not be allowed in the rink area during practice times. They will be allowed in the vestibule area as long as they are quiet, respectful and not in the way.
  2. There will be a scrimmage at least once a month that the parents will be allowed to sit in on.
  3. Kids will be required to sign in & go through an equipment check BEFORE they are allowed in the rink area.
  4. The ONLY time skating will be allowed in an area outside of the rink is to use the bathroom and water fountain in the hall. They are expected to go straight there and straight back to the rink.
  5. There is to be NO yelling, screaming or horsing around in the vestibule/hallway/bathroom areas.
  6. No kids are allowed in the kitchen area FOR ANY REASON
  7. Parents are only allowed in the kitchen area if they have been asked to help by a board member or a trainer.
  8. The skater is required to come to as many practices as possible. If you are not able to commit to these practices, please us at info@tcjrd.com.
  9. There is to be no hassling, harassing, bullying etc of skaters by parents, trainers, members of the board or other skaters.
  10. We are not just teaching roller derby here, we are teaching respect, manners and community service. The following items are a few things that are expected of the kids during practices, bouts, scrimmages, expos or any other time when they are representing TCJRD.When a trainer or board member is talking to the skaters, the kids are expected to give the adult their full attention.
  • There is no talking back to a trainer, board member, or parent. Skaters are expected to show the utmost respect to the adults.
  • Pleases, thank yous, excuse mes are to be a very big part of the skaters language.
  • There is a dress code as we represent kids of all ages. No midriffs (no exposing the stomach), no cleavage. Skirts/shorts must be a decent length. No rude, lewd or abusive type language on any item of clothing. Basically, if you wouldn’t wear it to church or Grandma’s, don’t wear it to practice. If a trainer or board member feels like a skater’s clothing may be distracting, they will ask the skater change or sit for the practice. Other than that, just make sure your skater is wearing something they will be comfortable in and can move well in.


  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Penalty (sitting out of practice for a period of time)
  3. Benched for the practice
  4. Suspension (not allowed at practices/events)
  5. Withdrawal from the league

If a parent has a problem with a consequence, please feel free to address the board.