Who is this league for?
Boys and girls ages 3-17.

But seriously, are there any boys involved?
YES!! Not only do we have boys involved in the league, but we also have several male trainers who are a part of the TC Terrors (the men’s derby league in Minnesota)

What equipment is needed to start?
Well, there are some absolute necessities:

1. A full back helmet. You need a helmet that is designed for roller derby, skateboarding or a “multi sport” helmet. Skateboard helmets are best; they are made for WHEN you fall, not IF you fall. Bike helmets will NOT work.

2. Pads. You will need knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. Once again, think along the lines of pads designed for skateboarding. Pads designed for rollerblading wil NOT work. Rollerblading pads are designed for IF you fall. Skateboarding (or Rollerderby) pads are designed for when you fall. And you will fall, a lot.

3. Mouthguard. As it turns out, teeth are fragile and important. Get a high-quality guard that fits tightly.  There are many “boil and fit” types out there or your dentist can custom fit one for you.

4. Skates (aka “Quads”). You will need skates. Please contact us if you need skates; we sometimes have used skates from growing kids. Another great resource for used gear is Twin Cities Derby Equipment Exchange.

For new skates (or any gear), Derby 4 All in St. Paul is a skater-run store that know about–and carries–great equipment.

5. Shirts: You’ll need a white and a black t-shirt. Official TCJRD shirts, customized with your derby name and number, can be ordered at the beginning of each session, along with TCJRD sweats and other garb. However, any black and white shirt is fine.

When and where do you practice?
Practices are on Wednesday evenings

  • Beginning skaters (non-contact) will skate from 6:00 to 6:45
  • Intermediate skaters (positional blocking only) will skate from 6:45 to 7:45
  • Advanced skaters (full contact) will skate from 7:45 to 9:15

See our calendar for exact dates and times.

Our practices are held at the NE Minneapolis National Guard Armory, 1025 Broadway Street NE  Minneapolis.

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I know how to skate. Do I need to start as a beginner?
Yes. Even if you are an expert skater, our trainers will need evaluate you to make sure that your skills are at a level to allow you to safely participate in full-contact derby. Skaters are evaluated throughout a session and are advanced based on skill tests.

Can we use roller blades?
No. Roller derby requires quads only for safety and stability.

What’s with the goofy names?
Skaters choose their own unique Derby Name and number, and it’s how they are referred to during practices and bouts. A list of names currently in use can be found at at the Rollergirls’ Master Roster.

Any number can be chosen as long as it’s not in use by another TCJRD skater. Be creative, and have fun naming the new you!

So, how much does it cost?
The fee is $129 for each session (Fall and Winter/Spring) for all skaters. We can accept checks, cash and credit card payments during registration. You can also pre-pay online – see the Sign Up page for details. Note that there will be a $30 returned check fee.

There may be additional costs for some optional events, including out-of-town bouts and other activities. Our goal is to make TCJRD affordable and accessible to as many skaters as we can.

How about payment plans?
TCJRD is flexable. Speak to a board member and we can arrange a payment plan.

Are scholarshops available?
Scholarships are available based on need and availability. Please ask to speak to a board member at signup, at any practice, or email us at info@tcjrd.com